TRIAS: Guidance in the workplace: involving employers, reaching low qualified

Project leader: ÖSB, Austria

Project partners: bbb Büro für berufliche Bildungsplanung, Germany PP Peter Plant, Denmark ERUDICIO, Czech Republic AZM-LU Maribor, Slovenia

The structure of the project – intellectual outputs / Multiplier events

  • Intellectual Output 1 (O1): Synthesis of country reports
  • Intellectual Output 2 (O2): Text booklet/Manual “Workplace Guidance – involving employers, reaching low qualified”
  • Intellectual Output 3 (O3): Curriculum for guidance practitioners (development of curriculum, training design, piloting of the training). Multiplier Events (E): Dissemination of the project (results) within a group of relevant stakeholders

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The essence of the intellectual output will be elaborated in the course of five Mutual Learnings Seminars (workshops) which take place at the partner meetings. This will be the place where we bring together our knowledge and experience on the issue at hand and strive to develop innovative solutions. Intellectual Output 1: synthesis of country reports, deepening the analysis already provided by the needs analysis in the proposal, establishing a common body of knowledge, in the responsibility of ERUDICIO. Intellectual Output 2: the manual will be the main output of the project. The manual is divided into several parts/activities. For each part/activity a partner will be nominated as activity leader: 1. The Trias of guidance practitioners, clients and organisation – conditions, characteristics and challenges (ÖSB, AT) 2. Identifying and accessing relevant companies as cooperation partners (ÖSB Consulting, AT) 3. Guidance in the workplace – providing guidance for employees (PP, DK) 4. Working with the employer in the guidance process (bbb, DE) 5. Cross-sectional field: evaluation (ERUDICIO, CZ) The role of the activity leader is to provide an input on the topic and to integrate the experiences of the partner organisations as well as the results of the workshop at the project meetings. Partner organisations with experience in the respective field prepare and present an input at the meetings. It is in the responsibility of the activity leader to sum up all inputs in a summary report. ÖSB is responsible for finalising the manual which is based on the different summary reports. Intellectual Output 3: a curriculum will be developed on the basis of the manual and tested in a training workshop for guidance practitioners in four countries (SI, AT, DE, CZ). There will be a part based on the manual and a national part taking into account the national needs. The product will include recommendations for transfer into other countries. AZM is responsible for supervising and supporting this process. Multiplier Events (E): Dissemination of the project (results) within a group of relevant stakeholders, e.g. promoting the project idea and discussing the transfer of outputs into the national framework.